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Uliunai.lt Killing-Floor server VIP Privileges
1. For welding armors you get 20 cash for +1 armor(not 3)
2. Every damage you make,it multiplies from 2 (if event, then 3)
3. Your ping will be replaced with VIP
4. You will get access to VIP Weapons and Boosts




HealthBoost which increases your health to 200hp!
ArmorBoost which increases your armor to 200!

You will get access to VIP Skins

Abibas,AppleJack,BCJoe,Goku SS3,Sub_Zero,CodGhost,Bou and DaedricKnight


Want to buy a VIP? Press services at the top, choose your plan , and payment method.
VIP will be added in 24h

VIP Price: 3e/Bank


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