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Killing floor 3/17/2018 Update!

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Long awaited Update is finally Here. Here is a quick rundown what have been changed in Killing floor 3/17/2018 Update!

  • Installed a new zombie hp system.
  • Changed nades for FieldMedic,Commando,Support and rembo perks:

              Field Medic - now drops Med kits 
              Support specialist - Smoke grenades which repairs your armor
              Commando - Ammo boxes
              Rembo - Vest armors

  • Re-balanced Hunter,Berserker and commando perks.

               Berserker - got slightly nerfed
 Hunter - got buffed
 Commando - couple weapons were buffed

  • Prices were raised for Hunter and Berserker dogs.
  • Installed a new Anti Advertise system.
  • Removed HopMineLauncher (For now:)
  • Advanced welder is now assigned to Support specialist
  • Changed VIP Weapons: Hunter bow with Spears. Spears are available for everyone
  • Added new weapons for Plasma Chemist

                J72 Shotgun
                MK14 Energy Bomb

  • Removed Pickup system, now weapons are going to be picked up automatically.
  • Gunslinger: VIP Dual colt reduced recoil, Dual MK23 Increased recoil
  • nerfed M202A1 and M202A2
  • Support specialist now needs less weld hitpoints to level up
  • Now you will be able to buy a bag! which gives +5kg in your inventory
  • Reduced max carry weight from 20 to 15.
  • New perk Arrived ! DOOM (lets fly back in time)

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