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How to buy VIP?

- Click on "Services/Paslaugos" in navigation bar or just simply press here.  Also if you can't pay via paysera then you also can pay via paypal to - paukstysdeividass@gmail.com user and write your player ID in to text bar. VIP will be activated in 24hours!


How to find your Player ID?

- While in the game just press ESC and go to stats. There you can find your ID.




I bought VIP and didn't got it in 24hours. What to do?

- Probably there was some error and your payment was denied so you can just try to buy it again or contact @Slineris


My Perks are gone, what i suppose to do?

- Mostly it can be happen if you playing without steam. So if you change your device you will lose your perks because your ID will be different. The best way to make your progress safe is to get killing floor on steam. But if it's already happen then contact @Trebit. Of course you can't be guaranteed that you will get your perks back.


The best way to get in touch with administrators?

- Best way to contact any of admins is to pm them on discord/forum. Server admins: Virdulys, Slineris, Trebit.


Where i can download killing floor game?

- To download killing floor for non steam users press on "downloads" in navigation bar or just press here to download.



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