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Server rules [EN]

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Rules to follow in the game

1. Error In the game, there is a loophole in the Game Code, which allows the Player to use it for the purpose of improving the terms of the Game for itself or harming other Players or threatening the stability of the Game.

2. The Player has the right to use all of the Free Game features provided to him by the Game.

3. The Player shall have the right to apply to the Administrator for the interpretation of the Rules of the Game and / or for the detection of violations in case the interpretation and / or violation of the Rules is not provided in the Game Forum and / or the Player.

4. The Player undertakes to ensure that the Administrator will never incur any legal liability, obligation to pay, indemnify or otherwise compensate for any loss, damage or other costs;
arising from the use of the Game and / or paid services by the Player.

5. The Administrator has the right to provide informational assistance to the Players on all Game issues.

6. The use of Aim Bots in the Game is prohibited.

7. Any advertising incompatible with the Administrator is prohibited in any form, including but not limited to information about the Player,
a player's clan or castle in ad slots, titles, and names, regardless of whether the ad is textual, visual, or audible.

8. A player may be subjected to a ban, a kick, or a withdrawal of a player following a prohibited act.

9. The player must pay attention to any changes to the Rules.

10 Ignorance of the rules does not release responsibility.

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