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Website rules [EN]

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Rules to be followed by each member of the forum

1. Every member must be respected, the insults of the member will not be tolerated, you will be permanently blocked by the forum for insults.

2. Any advertisement for the next project in the forum will be deleted and the member who posted it will be permanently blocked in the forum.

3. The subject name must match the subject matter.

4. Do not pick up old themes (2 weeks and more, please let the Admin / Moderator lock them).

5. Do not do Double post / triple post, there is a "Edit" button for this, and no double post can be made in the status updates.

6. Advertising in personal messages, forum signatures and topics is prohibited.

7. It is forbidden to splash, spam, write off - topic, or to discuss relationships in any topic, have personal messages or go to the voyage, warnings for both players.

8. It is forbidden to create meaningless topics, in other words, to poll the forum.

9. In the status updates section you can't post any photos or videos. There is "off topic" page where you can share videos or photos with others.

10. It is forbidden to collect posts (write full, rich and obsolete messages. Instead of words: good job, beautiful, cool, and similarly, nothing is written).

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