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  1. well today when i downloaded server files i saw a new update and surprisingly i was not happy but nor so sad so i started observing what might be my weapons when the server restarts . well i saw many things which will be obstacles to lvl up when server restart well start ing with berserker i think you will be starting with a knife feel happy if i am wrong because it might be a machete and you will be keep playing like that for lvl 15 to 20 . and no kf2buzrowbow until 90 lvl so you might wanna grab ganerades(knives)to lvl up. for medic i really dont think there are many problems i think its okay . for firebug i think you will be starting with flare revolver and fire bombs and actually it will be difficult to lvl up because flare revoller will not have enough ammo and mac 10 is given at 30 lvl which is very cruel to me but either way if admin also might wanna change it change it to like 15 lvl or 20 or 25 but not 30 because at that 30 lvl 10.4Million damage is given which is not likely easy to approch with only flare revolver which has only like 120 -150 bullets at that time. i may be wrong and may maybe you have flamethrower but also it has also like 3 magazine. hm after that About Demolition you will have pb and pipebomb at start and i think the next weapon will be pp bizon at 30 lvl seeing that it has the same case with firebug it should be lowered even its one lvl well to be quiet honest demolition can do it because first it will have pb which hit targets directly instead flame revolver so i think demolition can easily do it but it will not be easy to pass first 20 lvl because you will end up dead many times with your own weapons but i think it will be nice to have automatic weapon at 20 lvl [pp bizon well to be quite honest it should be given at 5lvl because it is the only weapon which do not kill its owner and it will of course do not kill the demolition]. for support specialist i think its okay since he might given vlad shotgun [1500$] but it is better that ksg should be at 20 lvl not 30. for gunsliger it is ok i think he can handle . for rembo i do not know which weapon will he be given but if he is given a very slow weapon which is added recently i think it will be difficult but i do not take rembo and i honestly did not observe rembo quite well. for cammando its stupid to ask it will be easy well thank god it is not stalkers to kill. for hunter it is going to be very very horrible because you have no automatic until lvl 30 or 45 . well for plasma chemist i honestly do not like that class because it do not damage and at start it never has ammo to kill and more than that its energy bomb is on 30 lvl unlike firebug or demolition.the only possible way is to kill with ganerades hhahha. for sharpshooter no i think its far worse thank any other class in hoe you cannot kill a person because they will be moving very very fast and you will not have a damaging gun until 30 lvl and you have to shoot on head and kill them and actually there is no sniper around 30 lvl.