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  1. ✦✦✦ Hello, so I decided to create this topic for our rule breakers Introducing new punnishment system You will be punnished equally, doesnt matter what is your rank. Doesnt matter what you did, your punnishment will be as its placed down below. It doesnt matter which rule you break you will receive what is said to be given for problem children. ✦Classic warnings count✦ 1th warning - you will be marked on our warnings list as orange color player means you will be observed more than others. 2nd warning - you will be marked as red color player. You will lose ability to enter our servers, chat in website chatbox, discord server for 1 week, and might even lose hafl of your earned exp on server ( depends which rule you broke ). 3rd warning - you will be marked as black color player. That means you dont care what happens to you and with no 4th warning will be banned until server perks restart. Only one exception for exp glitchers, buggers!!!( you wont lose exp if you didnt use any ingame mistakes to boost yourself faster than others) got caught using bugs that makes you lvl up faster means your all perk stats will be erased to hafl, no warnings just exp erasure and simple 1 week ban to take a break. ***Hehe, forgot to mention to ,,hax'' lovers, insta ban with exp erasure, unban after perk reset*** -How to get rid of your warning? you simply cant. Why you ask, its to prevent fraud and blackmailing + its fair in that way to keep our community healthy and friendly as much as possible. Warning list will be cleared after perk restart. List of problem children: no problem children yet, thankfully ✦✦✦
  2. Tinklalapio taisyklės Kiekvienas narys turi būti gerbiamas, nario įžeidinėjimai nebus toleruojami, už įžeidinėjimus būsite be perspėjimo užblokuoti forume visam laikui; Bet kokia kito projekto reklama forume bus ištrinta ir narys kuris paviešino ją bus užblokuotas visam laikui forume; Temos pavadinimas turi atitikti temos turinį; Neprikelinėti senų temų (2 sav ir daugiau,geriau praneškite Administratoriui/Moderatoriui,kad jis jas užrakintų); Draudžiama daryti Double post/triple post,tam yra skirtas mygtukas "Redaguoti",taip pat ir šaukykloje negalima daryti double post; Draudžiama reklamuoti asmeninėse žinutėse,forumo parašuose,bei temose; Draudžiama floodinti,spaminti,rašyti off - topic, ar aiškintis santykius bet kurioje temoje,tam yra asmeninės žinutės arba eikite į skypę,už tokius dalykus bus dedami įspėjimai abiems žaidėjams; Draudžiama kurti bereikšmes temas,kitaip sakant teršti forumą; Šaukykloje tekstas gali būti tik žodinio pavidalo,jokių ss/demo dėjimų tam yra sukurtos unban skiltys; Draudžiama rinkti postus (rašyti pilnus, turiningus ir nebereikšmius pranešimus. Vietoje žodžių : mldc, gražu, šaunuolis, ir panašiai geriau nieko nerašyti); Privaloma naudoti duotą enketos formą jeigu tokia yra pateikta kitaip jūsų tema gali būti ištrinta; Nežinojimas nuo atsakomybės neatleidžia. Buvai perspėtas! @Kingreak, edited by mez
  3. Rules Every member must be respected, the insults of the member will not be tolerated, you will be permanently blocked by the forum for insults. Any advertisement for the next project in the forum will be deleted and the member who posted it will be permanently blocked in the forum. The subject name must match the subject matter. Do not pick up old themes (2 weeks and more, please let the Admin / Moderator lock them). Do not do Double post / triple post, there is a "Edit" button for this, and no double post can be made in the status updates. Advertising in personal messages, forum signatures and topics is prohibited. It is forbidden to splash, spam, write off - topic, or to discuss relationships in any topic, have personal messages or go to the voyage, warnings for both players. It is forbidden to create meaningless topics, in other words, to poll the forum. In the status updates section you can't post any photos or videos. There is "off topic" page where you can share videos or photos with others. It is forbidden to collect posts (write full, rich and obsolete messages. Instead of words: good job, beautiful, cool, and similarly, nothing is written). If given must use required form or else your post can be deleted. Use Lithuanian or English languages to communicate in our website. You are responsible for your own actions. You have been warned! @Kingreak, edited by mez
  4. So we decided to make honor board for our players. In this board will be placed all donators and sponsors who have funded us to maintain our project. List of our heroes. Slides Sgr3* SONIC/Paliubomu game over Saito Mentalist Darius Thank you for your support, you are true *LEGENDS*!!! and many many more thanks for our *VIP* players!
  5. [VIP] information and guide price via bank/SMS BANK; 3eu -1month, SMS; 7,5eu - 1month Important things to keep in mind before you decide to purchase our in game product, make sure you write your player id correctly CHECK ATLEAST 5 TIMES THAT ITS EXACT LIKE YOU WROTE IT DOWN; Make sure you choose the right plan for how many months you wish to buy VIP; And if you really want to become a sponsor/donator of our project, Contact one of staff team members with RED sparkly name marking; After purchase VIP activates in 24h hours, can be either 1h or 24h, be patient; Don't Forget with SMS payment you over pay so think twice and sometimes it's not working so please if you not sure contact us thanks; How to order? enter our server, click on settings; click on section stats; copy/write it down player id; enter site https://services.uliunai.lt/confirm; write down your player id; choose your plan for how many months you want to become VIP; pay either bank or SMS; bank section: choose the one you use PaySera, Swedbank, SEB, Luminor and so on; You can pay with MOQ, and PayPal app too; email for PayPal: paukstysdeividass@gmail.com price is the same as in the banking method; and for people who doesn't have access to any of these banks and app payment methods; SMS section: @Kingreak, edited by mez
  6. VIP information/privilegies VIP settings in game: Can enable/disable crosshair; Can enable/disable VIP tag in PING place; VIP can buy armor, heatlh boosts; VIP all type of exp are multiplied by 2x on events such as: christmas, easter, server anniversary and other multiplied by 3x; VIP skins to look different from other players; VIP guns for each perk in game. Deals more damage than normal level capped weapons; LEGEND information/privilegies For players who help maintain our servers by donating monthly/bigger values. Thats the least we can do for our players who care and wish for us to keep living . LEGEND extra premium skins. Big THANKS! from our staff team. @Kingreak, edited by mez
  7. We are very pleased that you took your time to write all this down, but before posting something, read the #suggestions&ideas rules and application form. Please repost in correct form
  8. Hey, glad to see people who actually interested and have ideas to share with us. We will keep in mind your request @BACON
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