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  1. 2-3months agou it was server restart all start from 0
  2. hi when you bee in server just tell me in discord or steam i will come and fix all your perks
  3. VIP

    dont wont to buy whit Paypal its gona be easy for you
  4. Hi how can i find if you not add steam id 64
  5. Hello! The most beautiful holidays is here! So it's time to celebrate it together with wonderful gifts from our team. Prizes will be 5 in total. 1st place - kf2 steam game + VIP for 1 month 2nd-3rd place - kf1 steam game + VIP for 1 month 4th-5th place - VIP for 1 month So all you need to do to win these awesome prizes is to send a photo of your Christmas tree with your in-game name on the paper in our forum or discord channel below this text and 5 the most beautiful Christmas trees will win these awesome prizes! Best luck and happy holidays! - administration Sveiki! Pačios gražiausios šventės jau čia! Taigi pats metas jas švesti drauge su nuostabiomis dovanomis nuo mūsų komandos. Prizų iš viso bus 5. Pirma vieta - kf2 steaminis žaidimas + VIP 1 mėnesiui Antra-Trečia vieta - kf1 steaminis žaidimas + VIP 1 mėnesiui Ketvirta-Penkta vieta - VIP 1 mėnesiui Taigi viskas ką jums tereikia padaryti, kad laimėti šiuos prizus tai siūsti savo papuoštos kalėdinės eglutės nuotrauką su savo žaidimo vardu ant lapelio į mūsų forumą arba discordą po šiuo tekstu ir 5 gražiausios kalėdinės eglutės laimės šiuos nuostabius prizus! Linkime sėkmės ir smagių bei jaukių švenčių! - administracija upload screenshots here
  7. all peaple lost now its 4x vips and 3x all so that lvl you will get so fast this event for all weak
  8. you f----ing bugging and you will be on ban for 1week dont like it dont play i dont give a f--- if you cant stay whit our rules
  10. next time dont bug you banned for 1week next time if i see you buging perma ban
  11. whats your name in game ?
  12. i will check whats about that but im sore your ip or steam id same as other guy
  13. vip

    1. If you want to buy with bank accounts or SMS, go to, fill in your steam id 64 (which you can find in and choose your plan. After that you will be redirected to PAYSERA, where you will be requested for email address - enter it. Then choose your bank and complete payment; for SMS - scroll down till you see SMS BANK and send all messages that are given. 2. If you want to buy with PayPal, go to, fill in your log in credentials (if you don't have account yet, register it), then press "Send & Request" button above and choose "Send to friends and family", and enter in Then enter amount (same as in services: 3 euro for 1 month, 6 euro for 2 months and etc.) and add a note with your steamid64.
  14. Hello dear fellas , If you are enjoying our server , but want to make it even more enjoyable , please give us your feedback. If you want to help us grow and improve , donations are much appreciated with kind regards administration. Skype: deivis123452 Disocrd: SlinEris#2383
  15. My name is Anton