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    1. If you want to buy with bank accounts or SMS, go to, fill in your steam id 64 (which you can find in and choose your plan. After that you will be redirected to PAYSERA, where you will be requested for email address - enter it. Then choose your bank and complete payment; for SMS - scroll down till you see SMS BANK and send all messages that are given. 2. If you want to buy with PayPal, go to, fill in your log in credentials (if you don't have account yet, register it), then press "Send & Request" button above and choose "Send to friends and family", and enter in Then enter amount (same as in services: 3 euro for 1 month, 6 euro for 2 months and etc.) and add a note with your steamid64.
  2. Hello dear fellas , If you are enjoying our server , but want to make it even more enjoyable , please give us your feedback. If you want to help us grow and improve , donations are much appreciated with kind regards administration. Skype: deivis123452 Disocrd: SlinEris#2383
  3. My name is Anton