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  1. Hi, i want to buy vip but how can i learn my player id , i downloaded game from Sunrise.

  2. - Best way to contact any of admins is to pm them on discord/forum. Server admins: Virdulys, Slineris, Trebit.
  3. We doing every year perk restart because many players already got maxed perks so they have no point to play anymore. If everyone will have maxed perks then who will play? It's happening in every server. Fresh start - better game
  4. Clot - New user rank. Obtained after registration. Privileges •Can give up to 3 reactions per day •Can post up to 3 post per day Gorefast - Experienced user rank. Requirements: account age 10days, 5 posts, atleast 1 +rep. Privileges •Can use signatures •Can use animated profile photos •Can give up to 5 reactions per day •Can post up to 5 times per day Brute - Veteran user rank. Requirements: Account age 30days, 30 posts, more than 10 +rep. Privileges •Have all privileges listed above •Can give unlimited amount of reactions •Can post unlimited times •Have a chance to get promoted to Endy rank Endy - only deserved person or dedicated player can get this rank Privileges •Have all privileges listed above •Can bypass flood control •Can delete, lock and unlock own content Fleshpound - members that are responsible for forum maintaining public order. ADMINISTRATORS
  5. New info panel and new groups. Added announcements widget. Added time countdown till next server perk reset. New chatbox.
  6. i just tested. Literally all berserker weapons can destroy shield
  7. so you want us to make all fb and demo weapons only vip?
  8. Maybe in the future we will try to figure it out how to fix this problem.
  9. The problem i think is with damaging multiple targets weapons like swords, explosive guns. If we make them for damaging single target only then these guns or perks will become useless.
  10. We already tried this shield its also bugged
  11. nueini i miesta 10min pavaikstai prisirenki taros ir viskas 🤣

  12. Stai kam dievas sukure steamini kf

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