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  1. i´m only talking about the berserker and the sword. No other weapons in my suggestion. Only switch the current sword with any other wich does not bug the shield, thats all.
  2. For example the lightsaber wich is already ingame can also damage multiple enemies in a range of 2m. i mean you could just take for example the lightsaber and make a VIP version of it with the same stats as the current VIP sword. The lightsaber does not destroy shields. Its just an example for you to understand what i mean.
  3. How about replacing the sword with another melee weapon like a "Master Katana" and just put in the same stats (Damage, Range, etc.) like the gonso sword. Shouldnt this fix atleast the berserker if its possible?
  4. yep, i would really appreciate a little faster spawn rate. Now its really a pain and boring 10 waves sometimes.
  5. what about other shields from the steam workshop like https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952728835 Is it the same on them?
  6. Hello, i think it is already a known bug but since its not on the forums i´m gonna submit it. 1. What's your in game name: BLooDY_BoY 2. Map name: --- 3. Describe what type of bug did you found: Different weapons can destroy the shield, i dont know all but for me as a berserker i know that the genso sword (vip sword) can destroy the shield of another player with 2 hits 4. Screenshots or video of bug (video not necessary): --- 5. What reward do you want (dmg,heal or hs): I just want a fix
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