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  1. also u can make suggestions on Patch note forum page
  2. the problem is that kf cant handle more numbers than 200m so we gotta think how to make support more enjoyable to play yet same to level up. i got couple of suggestions but i don't think it will make through new years eve.
  3. we will balance these things , but it will take some time.
  4. Long rundown what has been changed and fixed in November! This time around we been focusing on a balance changes and bug fixing. NOVEMBER PATCH IS STILL IN PROGRESS SO MORE UPDATES ARE COMING UP. 11/3/2018 Necessary patch for both weapons and nades FireBug M202A1 damage decreased (450 ⇒ 350) Demo M202A2 damage decreased (600 ⇒ 500) Berserker now throws axes Commando - Grenades with shrapnels explosion. Hunter grenades was changed to a huge knife Medic - Medic kits have been removed. Heal nades with healing aura have been added. 11/13/2018 Bug fixes ,couple of adjustments and balance changes. oh i don't get scared out of our new zombie:) Medic (sentry turret has been fixed (No more flying turrets!) Fixed Level digits in scoreboard Fixed Doom Shotgun and SuperShotgun ammo bug(DoomPerk) Lopata(Berserker) was reduced (30000 ⇒ 15000) Reworked Protecta: Right now protecta has option: Shoot widely or tight Removed Doom Fist, and Chainsword (DoomPerk) Gunslinger nades now drops ammo Plasma chemist weapons have been optimized KF2 Bloat has been added 11/15/2018 More bug fixes and balance changes! M99(Sharpshooter) Ammo price was reduced (250 ⇒ 125) M99 weight was reduced (13KG -> 10KG) Modified Zombie Spawn System. Now you will be able to see default zombies aswell Fixed Colt Python Icon (Medic) Fixed HK23SE Icon (Rembo) Fixed Firebug Flamethrower Reload Speed Fixed Protecta ammo price (Support specialist) Fixed Firebug (Damage scaling , Reload speed 11/17/2018 Even more balance changes and fixes Berserker Crossbuzzsaw has been replaced With KF2Crossbuzzsaw Chemist Zed Gun damage buff (85 ⇒ 105) Chemist Zed MKII Gun damage buff (50 ⇒ 70) Berserker DwarfAxe has been unlocked! 11/18/2018 New Guns and a server adjustment 2 New weapons for demolition Perk: EX41 and ExplosiveAA12 ! Fixed Nailgun (mid-air nails are now visible) All guns will be cleared after trader shop closes 11/19/2018 DoomPerk Balance changes Doom shotgun damage was reduced (700 ⇒ 500) Supershotgun damage was reduced (900 ⇒ 700) 11/20/2018 New weapons and skins with a spicy balance notes. New weapon for rembo perk: THR40 New weapon for rembo perk: HemlokSA New weapon for Commando perk: AK-12 New VIP Commando Weapon: ScarHS New skin: Jacklantern Commando VIP Weapon P90 is now accessible for everyone! All weapon damage's have been edited! Zombies HP Have been reduced 11/21/2018 Couple of maps have been added KF-Dust2-Uliunai KF-Dust2-Classic-Night-b2 KF-Dust_1 More Updates are coming up..
  5. Hi Umer, thank you for your bug report, i will look into it.
  6. im sorry you lost your perks, could u send me your in-game nickname ?
  7. several hours only..
  8. what is skype
  9. Get ingame , and press Stats on your top right corner . In the bottom of the list u will see your id.
  10. Hello zucker. Contact me on discord, name- investmentv2
  11. Thanks for your suggestion , we will take a look at it
  12. This topic is for those who haven't joined our discord channel. Now you will be able to walk through players. ZED Soldiers and Dolls have arrived to our server! Added Ugandian knuckles skin for V.I.P players Fixed Hunter's VIP Bow, now it should do more damage .Reduced price for Bagpack (from 2500 to 1500) Fixed firebug pipe price Fixed russian letters, right now letters will be visible Fixed Berserker's resistance to everything!
  13. Gavo warning'ą
  14. yepp , sentry tech