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  1. nos1

    Bug vintorez vss weapon

    [i cannot see my edit button option.]i just want to say i support you until this system is implemented or any better system/solution of your problem is applied.like you said remove M99 Amr /or any better solution
  2. nos1

    Bug vintorez vss weapon

    i see.i get it .Thanks for your energy and time.i understand i am not on 120 lvl .hmm we need a system that can fix that weapon we want to take after respawn . yes you have my support until this system is implemented.
  3. nos1

    Bug vintorez vss weapon

    i am sorry but i strongly diagree. because it has luxury of only hitting zeds on Hs and also having luxury to move quickly to a lvl 49 which give him a stable background it only stuck on lvl 6 at begining .and i asked crossbow for lvl 1 because of its scope and having power because of its powerless ness. when he is at lvl 49 he has power enough to reload faster and shoot faster.and when you get out of 49 lvl you will move quickly to lvl 99 and stuck their a long time and you are powerful enough to shoot with two bullets to kill endys with gauss sabot with a long distance . he is stable. and i understand why you are frustated at fact that when you reach on 105 lvl you have a weapon that does the best damage but misfires are a lot [ a mistake in misfire and u lose life] .i do not have any problem with that because i think it is also a luxury that i can have gauss sabot +Vss + shield .i have two weapons and and my shield also. after a bit of time i will try to do a post how to shoot on head
  4. nos1

    Bug vintorez vss weapon

    hy guys.i know you have a lot of misfires with vss when having a ping above 100 .i have ping always 180 and it can be changing 180-300. i agree. but do not remove crosssbow from lvl 1 plz. and about amr they can just buff it up. plz ask specifically what you want because they will nerf other things .like gauss sabot you like.
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