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  1. Dieso

    Bug vintorez vss weapon

    M99 AMR. Delete it is useless ... When you play on a map where there are 11+ players, you need to get at least 4 bullets to the head from Gauss via Jakson. You have 100+ ping and you can’t do it with 100%, you died ... If you consider that your team doesn’t play well together and every man for himself, and they always leave the sniper alone, it’s impossible to survive. You must understand me, I saw you 118 lvl when you take 120+ lvl. You will understand me, I hope that you will agree with me and support!
  2. Dieso

    Bug vintorez vss weapon

    Where else nerf if a sniper, and so the worst perk in the game, the most useless and helpless. On the contrary, I say that it would be impossible to play his buff. There is no one worse than a sniper on the server. Speaking specifically, the sniper needs more damage, or increase the damage of Gauss Sabot!
  3. Dieso

    Bug vintorez vss weapon

    VSSD T the bullet that you shoot flies with a delay of 0.5 + - seconds at a great distance, that's what I had to enter. + You checked, you are the administrator of your ping 10. People whose ping is 70+ and this is 90% of the players will not be able to hit the enemy, especially in the head. Weapons that are given at level 120 of the M99 AMR, inflict less damage than a crossbow that is given from level 1. M99 AMR weapons do less damage than Gauss Sabot ... With all due respect, I am your big fan and I have an offer for you. Remove the M99 AMR altogether and replace it with another Gauss Sabot of a different color with + 20% + - damage, you can even put a weapon level at 140lvl heads, but whatever the purpose and meaning of this perk. When playing for Sharpshooter perk 120lvl + confused from the sniper 0 (((
  4. Weapons Vintorez VSS perk sniper! The automatic mode on MOUS 3 does not work correctly; the sight is thrown at the top and it is impossible to shoot at all. Bullets fly with a hang, reach the target after 0.5 seconds, it is impossible to hit the enemy! I rocked up to level 105 for so long, and find out that the Vintorez VSS weapon for a sniper is worse than a regular pistol ... Vintorez VSS is worse than a pistol. The sniper doesn’t have any special features and the weapon doesn’t work as well ((I beg you to correct the weapon, on my knees please correct it !!!
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