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  1. After thinking so much i think welding should not be removed but instead it should be lowered not removed. I said it so because it will look bad if Admin remove it well its not like people are complaining about it too much so it can be removed personally i have 79 lvl supporter at Nov/3/2018.(now). and i have to weld 4.7 million to weld to gain 80 lvl. ok i give up there because i did not wanted to weld anymore and damage was more than enough to knock down brutes with remington.ok why would it look bad it is because Compairing Perks for example Commando have to knock down people and damage both to knock down to lvl up and it has so low damage and so much for his ability that it does never work(4x time extension).and even more Plasma Chemist he has good speed but he has so slow and low weapons that can not run when he has to run and fire both at same time except the railgun which is very expensive and its bullets are more expensive even more than that it has not enough ammo .because you can never buy all ammo you have to spend like 1500 to buy full .so what i am trying to say is that perks with shitty ability are made more hard to lvl up .now look at bright side you do not have to play with them.hahahhah so consider if admin was going to make game easy he would never added weld and to kill person to lvl up.Instead what he would have done is to make every class only do damage to lvl up . for even sharpshooter to make game perks equal.well if he read now he would probably say i am too gready . Or why do you not buy VIP or something ..... well it does not matter because what he says is true .and i should not be gready.SO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO NOW?? 1 DO NOT PLAY AND GO STUDY 2 PLAY WITH ANOTHER PERKS WHICH ONLY DO DAMAGE (Gunslinger Recommaded) 3 FIGURE OUT HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY AND HOW TO DIE BECAUSE EVERY ONE DIES IN THE END SO THE CHOICE MUST BE YOURS TO LIVE IN GAME. 4 FK JUST WELD THE DOORS.
  2. hm.SKYPE is an application like WhatsUp to make online can google search it if you want to learn more about it. ok.
  3. here is the proof the player who stays in game and due to which players are annoyed .and i am extra annoyed but whatever i do not know how can i enter in game now when i and only one player is connected.and even if i vote map now it will not work either but that will also do no good because this player will also connect.and actually his nick name is so wierd i cant even mention. it is like P~~~~C~~~~P~~~C`~~P~~P~~P YEAH SOMETHING LIKE THAT .
  4. ah cant say it will be not easy but it will be very easy .hm let me think no i can not agree you full
  5. Ah kamikaze the one in SERIOUS SAM they were very feerless because they have no heads. and they come to you and when they are death they will go boom like a sucide bomber
  6. ah the sentry man means Engineer you know [military has engineers to work with artillery].
  7. wow it looks cool.but weapon will it use to damage endy , brute and jason .I mean that which weapon and what will it do to extra damage .hm let me think poison arrow ?hhha sorry it was out of humour but i think only there is left is like artillery or poison or toxins like nuclear (chemical weapons).But yeah a sentry with health to block paths looks a very good suggestion though. i saw sentry gun blocking path and people with very big swords behind it in other server [named as] or something like that.but yeah it also can be in other category but i think it will make game very easy considering if a suppoter is behind that sentry LOL. i said so much.
  8. i was unbanned zombie madman is nick
  9. Hello guys there is this very good system Kick voting in the server many people may know about this system . this system is used to kick people who are very annoying for example A Demolition with 75 lvl can destroy any door with his ganerades. and also a supporter with 75 lvl can open door when all people are inside unleashing hell in map [Thc DDle] well this amazing system does not seems to be working vey well i saw a person getting atleast 5 votes for kicking because he was in server from all day and people all suffer 20 sec extra to get started map . well sometimes its more annoying when last person in boss wave is a medic with 59 lvl and he is like jumping around mocking patriach lol . sorry. well i mean to say that kick voting should have 3 votes to kick a person and if you think that 3 votes may be misused and players can be abused with that then you should take 3 to 5 votes to kick a person.and if only possible that [Two players are start and one hit ready button and other is like a afk or whatever the reason is the count down should start](if only possible because in that case i cant play niether i can kick )if possible please reply amount to kick a person when you update or just ignore this complaint . just enjoy.
  10. hy guys it may look like a complaint or an annoying person crying .But here i am going to talk about pros and cons about firebug in server.ok lets first start from Speed[NORMAL],Damage[LOW(considering HOE difficulty)],Ammo [Enough Ammo],Reloadingspeed[LOW(perk effect only says flamethrower reload speed)(and also flamethrower has not enough ammo)] so thats why currently FIREBUG is no good because it does not have speed and nor damage and or reloading speed Comparing DEMOLITION which has both considirable damage and reloading speed and can stun targets.and it has also PP_BIZON smg which has a big magazine and RELOADING Speed is with all with weapons so it reloads like crazy fast comparing fire bug . So my view in fire bug is pretty much like crappy but it can be very amazing if only reloading speed is associated with every weapon like in demolition. Thats all .
  11. hy guys i happened to notice this awesome map Kf No Mercy III in map voting . i have played this map in other servers and it is very good basically its a house with two story building and person can shoot out the windows and like a bunker windows at ground floor which makes it convenient to play with even with berserker . But UNFORTUNATELY when we vote[ Kf-NoMercy III] it loads [Kf-NoMercyIII _BS ]which is very bad map with very little chance of survival..thats why there is very bad rating. Please try to remove [KF No mercy III bs] and add proper map [ KF-NoMercy III] .other than that there are more parts of this map which are very cool to play no mercy v1 [not requested to add but try to check it out if you have time] no mercy v2 [not requested to add but try to check it out if you have time ] no mercy v3[ Currently requested and also not loaded when voted] No mercy BS [Requested to remove ]
  12. huh no reply?
  13. your ip is banned from current session of server ) it is the error the server keeeps giving me i am banned how to unban now more importantly why i am banned . and also who will reply . i mean who is admin >
  14. yeah right berserker should have throwing knives of 1 slot .and gunslinger should atleast have smg i mean like dual uzi like in maxpayne hhha.well its good to hear thoughts.
  15. HEy Guys i play in your server .I have been playing in your server about 2 months and some times when i start to play there is this map Kf-MysterousTreesV3 which downloading never completes and it never runs,and also there is no player in it, It has happened often on holiday .players can also confirm it .please consider removing of this map in mapvoting so that this situation never happen again.