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  1. The reason of why you have to re-download some of the files, because we are making updates.That's the main reason why you have to re-download almost everything. When people are going to be happy, then im not touching these anymore.
  2. Plasma chemist is not going to get back its movement speed.
  3. umer , the thing is, that you will unlock the crossbow in later game. And then you have to take the crossbow to deal a lot of damage. Plus if you dont have enough space in your inventory, you can buy a bag
  4. labas noriu nusipirkt vip bet praso player ID is kur gauti ir kaip galeciau nusipirkti?


  5. sveikas, kada gausiu vip? uzsisakiau siandien apie 10-11h ryto.

  6. sveikas, ka reikia siusti sms del vip, nes services nera jo?

    1. Admin


      Sveikas, viskas yra. Suvesk el-pasta, ir desineje puseje pasirink SMS 

  7. Hi can you tell me how to buy a vip threw sms bcs i went to services and it only takes me to bank 

    1. Admin


      you can choose which method you want to pay. Enter your id, choose your plan, press buy, and then enter you email and accept, and later, you can choose , how you want to pay for your services ;)

  8. You mean a perk, with the Brute/Endy/Jason kill requirement?
  9. When everyone is fucked up :DDDD
  10. Killing-Floor server VIP Privileges 1. For welding armor you get 20 cash for +1 armor(not 3) 2. Amount of XP you get , multiplies by 2 (if event, - 3). Kills and headshots multiplies aswell. 3. Your ping will be replaced with VIP 4. You will get access to VIP Weapons and Boosts WEAPONS: BM16,P90,Healthrower,Halberd,V94LLI,M202A1,M202A2,P90SA,RaygunMKIIPap,M60,DualColt BOOSTS: HealthBoost which increases your health to 200hp! ArmorBoost which increases your armor to 200! You will get access to VIP Skins Abibas,AppleJack,BCJoe,Goku SS3,Sub_Zero,CodGhost,Bou,DaedricKnight and Uganda Knuckles Want to buy a VIP? Press services at the top, choose your plan , and payment method. VIP will be added in 24h VIP Price: 3e/Bank 7.5e/Sms