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  1. You mean a perk, with the Brute/Endy/Jason kill requirement?
  2. When everyone is fucked up :DDDD
  3. Killing-Floor server VIP Privileges 1. For welding armors you get 20 cash for +1 armor(not 3) 2. Every damage you make,it multiplies from 2 (if event, then 3) 3. Your ping will be replaced with VIP 4. You will get access to VIP Weapons and Boosts WEAPONS: BM16,P90,Healthrower,Halberd,V94LLI,M202A1,M202A2,P90SA,RaygunMKIIPap,M60,DualColt BOOSTS: HealthBoost which increases your health to 200hp! ArmorBoost which increases your armor to 200! You will get access to VIP Skins Abibas,AppleJack,BCJoe,Goku SS3,Sub_Zero,CodGhost,Bou,DaedricKnight and Uganda Knuckles Want to buy a VIP? Press services at the top, choose your plan , and payment method. VIP will be added in 24h VIP Price: 3e/Bank 4e/Sms