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    To buy VIP - Click on "Services/Paslaugos" in navigation bar or just simply press here. Also if you can't pay via paysera then you also can pay via paypal to - paukstysdeividass@gmail.com user and write your player ID in to text bar. VIP cost 3€/month. Privileges: Gets 2x xp (If you do 1headshot as sharpshooter you will get 2headshots to your perk level progress) VIP tag instead of your PING Access to 15 Skins Access to 12 weapons and 2 boosts 2x more cash for welding others armor VIP tag Skins VIP guns Firebug Demolition Berserker Medic Sharpshooter Support Specialist Rembo Commando Plasma Chemist Gunslinger Hunter Doom Perk Others
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