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  5. all peaple lost now its 4x vips and 3x all so that lvl you will get so fast this event for all weak
  6. Hi, today i connected to the server & what i see, I lost my perks level Commando (36 lvl) Medic (16 lvl) My nickname in game [WPMG] .:be$p@n!k!_ch!b!$:.
  7. Web site rules: It is prohibited to do any actions that would adversely affect the web site's attendance or performance. It is forbidden to copy the contents of the web site, without administrative permission or without a specified source. It is forbidden to send meaningless personalized messages. If you find an error on the site, notify the administration about it. It is prohibited to register more than once, without administrative permission. An application to unblock others will be treated as a violation of yours. Any user who sees that the admin abuses his privileges. You have the right to make this a demonstration of the screen shots / videos and notify the project manager. Impersonation, by other forum participants, regardless of administrators or ordinary visitors, will be seen as the dislike of another person or the desire to profit. Each forum handler, regardless of whether it's a moderator or an administrator, can penalize the offender on an optional basis. It depends on how he understands the importance of breaking the rules. Rules of the website forum: You can not write 2 messages in a row, unless no one responds within 24 hours. The message can not have one smile or a cursing word. In the forum, all members are equal, regardless of their education. Insults are intolerable. If you copy the contents of a webpage, the source of the message and its author must be written at the end of the message. The forum can not be any other advertisement of a website that does not directly relate to the topic of this discussion or this webpage. When creating a topic, the title of the topic should reflect its content - the problem raised in the thread or its main idea. Example of bad topic name: light (+ rep). Spreading misinformation will be considered a meaningless message or an attempt to deceive. Content in messages can not be referenced with "referral" type. The user can assign such a signature to such items. Do not change the forum. Each topic must comply with the description of the section in which it is located. When you create a topic outside of this site, please inform moderators. It is not allowed to create similar content, destination, duplicate topics. The content of each link you post on each forum is solely your own answer. Website chat rules: Do not change in conversations. It is forbidden to use certain links anywhere in the messages, no matter where they are targeted. Please use private channels or personal messages to communicate with another user personally. Killing Floor server rules: Prohibited game cheats. It is forbidden to insult other players, advertise or otherwise harass chat, as well as challenge players. It is forbidden to use game errors (errors), map mistakes, climb outside. If you have received a ban, you must fill in the unban questionnaire in the forum. It is forbidden to interfere with other players. Mandatory server / map tasks. Counter-Strike: Source Server Rules: Prohibited game cheats. It is forbidden to insult other players, advertise or otherwise harass chat, as well as challenge players. It is forbidden to use game errors (errors), map mistakes, climb outside. 16-bit color quality is not allowed. The use of monochrome players' skins is not allowed. If you have received a ban, you must fill in the unban questionnaire in the forum. In the knife's folders it is necessary to leave spaces against the opponent's team member. Prohibited by editing or otherwise falsifying evidence (demo, ss). Such evidence shall be considered null and void. Required to perform server / map tasks: help / quit C4, hold / store hostages, infect people (zombie servers), etc. Team Speak 3 server rules: It is forbidden to scream, joke or otherwise interfere with other server users. Music is not allowed when it conflicts with other users. It is prohibited to use programs that interfere with the operation of the server. It is forbidden to be cursed or otherwise disrespectful to other people. Admin Rules: Follow general and supplementary rules. The reason for Ban must be precise and clear. Prohibited abuse of privileges. It is forbidden to banish, kick, kill the players without cause. Administrator chat only when needed. Upon coming to the server, the main priority must be to monitor the order of the server. Before banishing, first of all, you need to look at the player and make sure he is in violation of the rules. * In the course of actions that adversely affect the attendance or performance of a website, and without prejudice to the rules, the administration also has the full right to respond accordingly. * The entries for the Admin Actions are regularly monitored. * The Administration reserves the right to change and complete these rules without prior notice.
  8. you want reputation not neg right? I thought it was dislike button.
  9. ok ok i get it no using safe zone. the dislike reputation from me was given because you cross talked.and used word "abuse" you should have used misuse or taking advantage.
  10. You are bugging me right now. Thanks for the -rep. A bug is a glitch, an unintended use of a map/gun anything. If u see others using it you dont have to use it aswell, Report them if u want. And all the rembo weapons have head shot damage now.
  11. what abuse ? if any one can use it.did i harm to any one?for using my experience! and why are you keep saying it is a bug???? you are making things up now from out of thin air . calling it is a bug i am asking you what is the meaning of bug is to you ? cheating? but if everyone can use it how is it possible to call it a bug???? how can you say its cheating that you can save life from zeds?? first no one told me it was a bug second people keep using ir just remove those maps i mentioned or fix them so any one cannot use and saying that i remember investment v2[player] to me using bug in babumija 2 [i was only selling bullpup and machete].and some one accused me that i sell and buy my guns again man at start when you go with your guns sell price of that gun is 200$. i sell xmv 850 and hk235 because when you sell them buy price in shop is 100 and 110 respectively resulting in 200$ and can use to refill ammo full[but not pkm pkm is costy ] like i told you i have experience and technique and i use every method to keep me safe. xmv 850 do not do critcal hits on head tell me you know that! tell me pkm has higher recoil so it cannot be used likely to hit head! thats why hk235 it better! and i used it to kill brutes and endy tell me you know that if you let kf2 skrake hit you after it goes running ,it speed will reduce and so do the endy you are keep saying i am using bugs give me a break
  12. Yeah so? If there are bugs dosent mean u have to abuse them.
  13. there is a door in mini militia which has two parts to form a door . throw 4-6 ganerade of demolition to only one part when not welded and throw them like this that the other is out of range. and that part will destroy and you will have only one one part of door .weld em resulting in not big zeds to come inside. and also you can apply this technique in kf mansion.
  14. there is a place like this in dolg base too but if you go in there you will be stuck and there is a place in kf gas station and in also in office[counter strike map].the thing is that i am playing this game for a long time and i played in many servers where people go in to these safe zones and kill every zed and i gain that knowledge from them [giga toilet][office][ mysteroius trees] are all taught by your server. cant say i invented them. i just copied from best.
  15. bug means to annoy and also in cheating oh i see you are saying i am cheating say it clearly because i am an idiot just like you said. man it is not called bug it is called a safe place anyone can tell that much .the first picture was that i was trying to tell the player to jump from there to get in to the hole (giga toilet)[what bug is there?]. the second picture is of kf mysterous trees v3 and you can reach that house like building by jumping from roof with a shield[what bug is there?].there is a map pyramid ava there is also a place in that map {what bug is there]and same in anarcher fix map so it is not a is called to reach and stay in a safe place and it is not a bug . so if you are accusing me for this i will like an appeal i am not banned for right reason. i thought i was accused because of insulting player who insulted me .if player can reach to a place that zeds cannot i think it is called safe zone not bug.other than that i am happy to answer any questions of yours .
  16. you f----ing bugging and you will be on ban for 1week dont like it dont play i dont give a f--- if you cant stay whit our rules
  18. then do not bother unban . ban me again .the one was bugging me was the other one.not me .in map thc thcddle 39 lvl supporter in first wave welded door 100% 1 player was unwelding outside so i was inside and helped in unwelding when door reached 30% he comes again and welded door again to 100% but when go upstairs he got outside by accident and comes to door and unwelded the door and welded door again the wave was ending and he again welded to i give him warning not to do that again or i will destroy door .then he insulted me and i insulted him back.[what is my fault i am just equally as bad as him?][did you kick him too? or only me]
  19. next time dont bug you banned for 1week next time if i see you buging perma ban
  20. ah i my ip is banned from server .Baned like permanently? {12/1/2018] now] .cant enter server
  21. just wait till it will be changed and try it then
  22. as i said you will unlock guns faster by leveling up your perk, so for example commando will have unlocked 4 guns at lvl10
  23. thanks for telling me that guns unlocking by level system will change.and sharpshooter will be improved. about commando man it in lvl 1-14 he has only bull pup and it cost a lot when buying ammo and when overtaking 15 lvl you have m4 which magazine cost equal to the bull pup and can buy full ammo from trader but not from ammobox its magazines run empty fastly so eventually you have to go to ammobox to buy ammo which cost a lot for one rifle that the second rifle cannot be filled so eventually when you buy ammo from ammo box you will be left on 0 $ and when the you go to trader you only have money to buy ammo for rifles and some times you have to beg money for the ammo .no money left to buy a bag or shield or ammobox is way too far. well i solved my problem by taking rembo it has a lot of ammo and i lvled up a lot in sharpshooter and win two games solo in normal by killing patriach and third time also with player.remob lvl 36 now and sharpshooter around 25-28
  24. Hello, first of all this weekend whole guns unlocking by level system will be changed so that answers almost everything to your opinion about sharpshooter. Talking about commando "expensive" ammo you a bit wrong. Ammo doesn't cost that much and commando have a lot of guns so you can buy few of them so that should be enough for 1 wave.
  25. Now[11/28/2018] Kick voting works very well . you can take my word i confirmed it recently.So here is a good story in map thc theddle i took demolition and keep destroying door and at wave 4(sucidal) again i destroyed door and this time real zeds(brutes and endy) came in charging and destroyed half of team so players started calling my name so i give them a provoking reason "ah you got a problem with me? do kick voting" so they did and [3-4] votes kicked me .i again entered in game and 2 players again kick voting me thinking like i was not kicked .[(i was not kicked when voted 2 but when 3-4) ] luckily we managed to survive that wave . well thank you for fixing this issue THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVELOPERS FOR SOLVING THIS ISSUE AND TAKING JOB SERIOUSLY AND SWIFTLY
  26. DEAR DEVELOPERS please reconsider giving sharpshooter crossbow at start . or sharpshooter will flop really badly. The reason i still insist on giving crossbow to sharpshooter it has a scope to shoot which helps on aiming at head.but because of its bolt action rifle it will make progress slowly but also steadily.i tried to play with sharpshooter and at start you have only 9mm tactical and i stuck at 6 lvl . then i feel its better that i do not burden my team and switched to commando because it can reload any weapon faster so whenever i meet a stalker of clot i shoot it with my 9mm tactical to lvl up sharpshooter.currently i am at 9 lvl.i also used crossbow in mysterioustreesv3(map) with plasma chemist to lvl up sharpshooter .previously i said no sniper around 30 lvl and damaging weapon at 30 lvl well thanks to that now damaging weapon (lever action and m14ebr moved 30 to 45 lvl)which made sharpshooter even more worse than it was really was. The crossbow damage a player mentioned about indeed it is good damage but with its faults now svd and vss vinotez will take over which are given much much before.60lvl svd and 105 lvl vss vinotez and first is semi-automatic and the other can be automatic .players can never achieve (120lvl crossbow lvl in my head)(it is at least after 105) because i saw snipers stuck at 99 lvl when the headshot was not included nor lvl up weapon was given.only killing zeds was the objective.the crossbow you are talking about will never be achieved and even if you were to achieve that lvl you will not let go SVD and VSS Vintoez .ask yourself and the answer will you have it if you used snipers at all.if svd is given and crossbow is given what will you use?i will only become a decoration and lose its value the scope it has will never use.i did not asked to lower down weapon lvl because it does not matter until sharpshooter has a scope to shoot is pointless .it is like an example you give a knife to person to dig a grave and when digging grave is finished you give a shovel to him here you go you can dig the grave.i still ask for crossbow to sharpshooter because it can keep up the pace with other perks too when lvl 38-39 they can do some good damage.while sharpshooter will only be a burden so far i played i cannot see sharpshooters i saw sharpshooter stucking at lvl 6 and changing to another and i only saw a player(which was vip)using v-94 volga at lvl 47-49 and using m14ebr to conserve ammo and if only possible unlock and make available first weapons of every perk to everyone. About Commando can you lower price of ammo it cost a fortune if ammo is bought for one rifle (bullpup)and if bought from ammobox it cost fortunes of fortunes.i am at lvl 17 commando and one magazine cost me 18 if bought when a rifle is empty its more than 200$.and if bought with ammobox 200$*3x
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