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  3. not sentry just like Kamikadze or something other
  4. yepp , sentry tech
  5. Last week
  6. You mean a perk, with the Brute/Endy/Jason kill requirement?
  7. i got idea about new perk who need dmg and endys/jasons/brutes and its one of hard perks but idk how to name it and maybe it will be fun.
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  9. Killing floor 4/4/2018 Update! Improved zombie brains! Now they won't be fighting with each other. Vip weapon: M202A1 now shoots all 4 bullets, as it was before All VIP Weapons weight is reduced to 0
  10. tycia griauna duris kad kiti negautu weld.
  11. When everyone is fucked up :DDDD
  12. Killing-Floor server VIP Privileges 1. For welding armors you get 20 cash for +1 armor(not 3) 2. Every damage you make,it multiplies from 2 (if event, then 3) 3. Your ping will be replaced with VIP 4. You will get access to VIP Weapons and Boosts WEAPONS: BM16,P90,Healthrower,Halberd,V94LLI,M202A1,M202A2,P90SA,RaygunMKIIPap,M60,DualColt BOOSTS: HealthBoost which increases your health to 200hp! ArmorBoost which increases your armor to 200! You will get access to VIP Skins Abibas,AppleJack,BCJoe,Goku SS3,Sub_Zero,CodGhost,Bou and DaedricKnight Want to buy a VIP? Press services at the top, choose your plan , and payment method. VIP will be added in 24h VIP Price: 3e/Bank 4e/Sms
  13. Long awaited Update is finally Here. Here is a quick rundown what have been changed in Killing floor 3/17/2018 Update! Installed a new zombie hp system. Changed nades for FieldMedic,Commando,Support and rembo perks: Field Medic - now drops Med kits Support specialist - Smoke grenades which repairs your armor Commando - Ammo boxes Rembo - Vest armors Re-balanced Hunter,Berserker and commando perks. Berserker - got slightly nerfed Hunter - got buffed Commando - couple weapons were buffed Prices are raised for Hunter and Berserker dogs. Installed a new Anti Advertise system. Removed HopMineLauncher (For now:) Advanced welder is now assigned to Support specialist Changed VIP Weapons: Hunter bow with Spears. Spears are available for everyone Added new weapons for Plasma Chemist J72 Shotgun MK14 Energy Bomb Removed Pickup system, now weapons are going to be picked up automatically. Gunslinger: VIP Dual colt reduced recoil, Dual MK23 Increased recoil nerfed M202A1 and M202A2 Support specialist now needs less weld hitpoints to level up Now you will be able to buy a bag! which gives +5kg in your inventory Reduced max carry weight from 20 to 15. New perk Arrived ! DOOM (lets fly back in time)
  14. anybody home.....:)

  15. I apologize for my English
  16. I ask you to cut the welding. You have to devote several hours to the level. If possible, please make it easier.
  17. im Butterfly :D


  18. My name is Anton

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