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    • all peaple lost now its 4x vips and 3x all so that lvl you will get so fast this event for all weak  
    • Hi, today i connected to the server & what i see, I lost my perks level
      Commando (36 lvl)
      Medic (16 lvl)

      My nickname in game [WPMG] .:be$p@n!k!_ch!b!$:.
    • Web site rules:
      It is prohibited to do any actions that would adversely affect the web site's attendance or performance.
      It is forbidden to copy the contents of the web site, without administrative permission or without a specified source.
      It is forbidden to send meaningless personalized messages.
      If you find an error on the site, notify the administration about it.
      It is prohibited to register more than once, without administrative permission.
      An application to unblock others will be treated as a violation of yours.
      Any user who sees that the admin abuses his privileges. You have the right to make this a demonstration of the screen shots / videos and notify the project manager.
      Impersonation, by other forum participants, regardless of administrators or ordinary visitors, will be seen as the dislike of another person or the desire to profit.
      Each forum handler, regardless of whether it's a moderator or an administrator, can penalize the offender on an optional basis. It depends on how he understands the importance of breaking the rules.
      Rules of the website forum:
      You can not write 2 messages in a row, unless no one responds within 24 hours.
      The message can not have one smile or a cursing word.
      In the forum, all members are equal, regardless of their education. Insults are intolerable.
      If you copy the contents of a webpage, the source of the message and its author must be written at the end of the message.
      The forum can not be any other advertisement of a website that does not directly relate to the topic of this discussion or this webpage.
      When creating a topic, the title of the topic should reflect its content - the problem raised in the thread or its main idea. Example of bad topic name: light (+ rep).
      Spreading misinformation will be considered a meaningless message or an attempt to deceive.
      Content in messages can not be referenced with "referral" type. The user can assign such a signature to such items.
      Do not change the forum.
      Each topic must comply with the description of the section in which it is located. When you create a topic outside of this site, please inform moderators.
      It is not allowed to create similar content, destination, duplicate topics.
      The content of each link you post on each forum is solely your own answer.
      Website chat rules:
      Do not change in conversations.
      It is forbidden to use certain links anywhere in the messages, no matter where they are targeted.
      Please use private channels or personal messages to communicate with another user personally.
      Killing Floor server rules: Prohibited game cheats.
      It is forbidden to insult other players, advertise or otherwise harass chat, as well as challenge players.
      It is forbidden to use game errors (errors), map mistakes, climb outside.
      If you have received a ban, you must fill in the unban questionnaire in the forum.
      It is forbidden to interfere with other players.
      Mandatory server / map tasks.
      Counter-Strike: Source Server Rules: Prohibited game cheats.
      It is forbidden to insult other players, advertise or otherwise harass chat, as well as challenge players.
      It is forbidden to use game errors (errors), map mistakes, climb outside.
      16-bit color quality is not allowed.
      The use of monochrome players' skins is not allowed.
      If you have received a ban, you must fill in the unban questionnaire in the forum.
      In the knife's folders it is necessary to leave spaces against the opponent's team member.
      Prohibited by editing or otherwise falsifying evidence (demo, ss). Such evidence shall be considered null and void.
      Required to perform server / map tasks: help / quit C4, hold / store hostages, infect people (zombie servers), etc.
      Team Speak 3 server rules: It is forbidden to scream, joke or otherwise interfere with other server users.
      Music is not allowed when it conflicts with other users.
      It is prohibited to use programs that interfere with the operation of the server.
      It is forbidden to be cursed or otherwise disrespectful to other people.
      Admin Rules: Follow general and supplementary rules.
      The reason for Ban must be precise and clear.
      Prohibited abuse of privileges.
      It is forbidden to banish, kick, kill the players without cause.
      Administrator chat only when needed.
      Upon coming to the server, the main priority must be to monitor the order of the server.
      Before banishing, first of all, you need to look at the player and make sure he is in violation of the rules.
      * In the course of actions that adversely affect the attendance or performance of a website, and without prejudice to the rules, the administration also has the full right to respond accordingly. * The entries for the Admin Actions are regularly monitored. * The Administration reserves the right to change and complete these rules without prior notice.
    • you want reputation not neg right? I thought it was dislike button.
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